Add your events on WoufIt

How to add your events on Woufit

All the events you create on Facebook can be automatically added to Woufit by using WoufItPro (desktop only):

WoufItPro is entirely free and fetches your public events (so your birthday party won't appear on it).

Once installed, it will fetch your latest events daily and add them (after some checking) on WoufIt. Your events will appear exactly how they are on Facebook.

You can also launch WoufItPro to check the status of your events or get them updated as soon as you've updated your events on Facebook.

If your events are created by pages you manage, WoufItPro will fetch these as well as long as you've authorized the "manage pages" permission.

You can uninstall WoufItPro at any time and your events won't be fetched anymore. All you need to do is go to the applications' list on Facebook's left column and click on the edit icon to remove WoufItPro.

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