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Domani ! LaRoboterie \ Rome in Reverse

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Rome in Reverse is an artist of Italian origins, now taken by Scandinavia.Her electronic sound all around reflected in the typical Danish / Swedish musical scenario.Rome in Reverse was discovered by Sun Glitters, a prominent exponent of electronic music / shoegaze, together producing the EP "My sun in reverse" containing two Sun Glitters's tracks and two Rome in Reverse's tracks. The same Sun Glitters will produce the Rome in reverse's debut EP "Northern Lights", a trip of loop sounds, beat and upbeat, a sound that goes beyond the simple definition of EDM, feeds on contaminations, all remaining to be discovered. Rome in Reverse is very close to artists such as Arms and Sleepers, Sun Glitters, Moderat, and even better The Field.After the extraordinary tour in Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Denmark and France by Sun Glitters and Arms and slippers's side, Rome in Reverse is ready to perform again.


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